Our deep knowledge about the acoustical behavior of sound converters combined
with a long-time experience in manufacturing high quality loudspeakers – such as
the current product line of Auditorium 23 – led to the decision to create a new
loudspeaker that in a manner fills the gap between a pure full-range speaker and
a complex horn-system.
It was our goal to achieve a sound image that can reproduce a huge variety of
musical styles combined with the ability to communicate musical energy and
emotions with great ease and relaxation. The tonally rich sound of the YONNA,
without sacrificing detail and transparency make it an ideal partner for every
listener who simply wants to enjoy his music collection, be it analogue or digital.
Furthermore we hope to have found a design language that will make it easy to
integrate these loudspeakers within a varitety of living spaces.
The massive wood front panel is available in different types of wood. Solely
enviromental friendly oil was used for the finishing treatment and no visible screws
were part of the assembling process.

Technical facts ::
10″ wide range with backloaded horn, opening to the floor. Resonating backpanel
made of finest spruce. Cabinet construction using five different materials for
evenly distributed resonances and decay-spectra. 1″ Tweeter with aluminium/wood horn.
High efficiency of 97dB/W with uncomplicated impedance spectrum, easy to drive for
really low power amps above 3-4W/channel.

Size (H/W/D) ::
43″/24″/15″ (1090/615/380mm)


Yonna American Walnut


Yonna American Cherry


Yonna European Ash


Yonna European Cherry


Yonna European Oak


Yonna Backpanel Spruce